COVID vaccinations

The medical centre is currently working on invitiations for patients who are due for their COVID booster vaccination. You will receive an SMS message with a link to book your appointment or a telephone call from our patient advisers or care-co ordinator. 

If you are due for your vaccination and have not yet been invited, please see details below how you can book. 

Patients who are due for their COVID booster vaccination can book in any of the following ways:

Call the national booking service to book directly on 119. 

Online via the national booking service - click here to book

Contact the medical centre and ask to receive a call back to book your vaccination.

How you booked your appointment will depend on where you are seen for your appointment.

If you contacted 119 or booked online through the national booking service, you can choose from a number of locations to attend. If you have been booked directly through the practice, your appointment will be at our Primary Care Network (PCN) nominated site at:


WIN 4Seasons Medical Centre Vaccination Site 

4Seasons Medical Centre

Main Entrance Orford Jubilee Park

Jubilee Way




Patients must not contact 4Seasons Medical Centre to book their appointment directly, they are the host site only, and all bookings at this location must be made through the practice or via a link sent to your mobile telephone. 

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